There are Federal, State and Local zoning laws that regulate the placement of billboards.

If your property qualifies for a new billboard there are many advantages that included:

1.  Long-term passive income streams for you and your family. Many of our leases run in excess of 40 years.
Increase in property values.

2.  Lump some of cash paid in advance for the purchase of a perpetual easement while you maintain ownership of your remaining property. In most cases you can continue to use the property directly under and around the billboard.

3.  If you are interested in leasing or divesting a portion of your property for the development of a new billboard, or if you wish to sell an existing billboard which you may own or if you have questions about an existing billboard on your property please contact us and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Please Contact:

Beau Palley
CEO & Chairman
Orion Outdoor Media
1-800-272-3885 ext. 1

Real Estate / Income Opporunities

Leasing you property for a billboard